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portrait sessions

Our main goal is to provide you with a session that satisfies YOUR needs.  We will work with you to curtail your shoot to exactly what you're looking for.  We do free consultations and actually encourage them even if you think you know what you'd like to do.  This way we can get to know you a little beforehand, get some information on what you're expecting from the shoot and possibly give you some other options that might better suit your needs.  Even if it’s just over the phone, we prefer talking to you before booking your session so we're all on the same page when your session day comes.  We are VERY flexible and want you to get the best from your session.  It’s all about you.

Newborns & Babies​​​​​​​​​​​

Newborns & babies can be a REAL challenge, as any parent knows.  We usually suggest an hour minimum for newborn shoots because they can be unruly and even in an hour we might not get too many shots.  Please contact us to discuss what you're looking to do as far as the shoot & what you're looking to get out of it so we can give an accurate price quote.

What's included:

Minimum 1 hour (addition time may be purchased in 1 hour increments) 

Studio location (we CAN set up our studio in your home to make it more convenient, this carries an additional fee)

Prices starting at:  $195

Children (excluding newborns & seniors)​​​​​​​​​​​

This session is typically for someone who wants the yearly portrait, a holiday portrait or their child in their dance outfit, sports uniform, etc. 

What's included:

45 to 60 minutes (additional time may be purchased in 1 hour increments)

Studio location (we CAN set up our studio in your home to make it more convenient, or shoot on location at child's dance studio, sports field, etc., but this carries an additional fee)

Prices starting at:  $195



This is great shoot for a family who's looking for a little more variety.  We like to do a formal pose, relaxed pose and individual shots too.  Kids alone, kids together; mom & dad alone, mom & dad together; everyone together, etc.  This session is for up to 6 people, whether all adults, all children or a mix of the two.  Addition people can be included for a small fee, please contact us for exact numbers & a price quote. 

What's included:

1 hour of shoot time with 2 outfit changes.  Additional time may be purchased in 1 hour increments.

Total cost:  $195

The Professional

This is a shoot that's about as basic as it gets (its actually our most basic portrait shoot) but just because its a basic shoot doesn't mean the picture cant be outstanding!  Its ideal for someone who wants or needs a professional headshot for work, an alternative to school photos, a high school senior who needs a yearbook photo, etc.  We'll have the studio set up before your arrival and we'll shoot the best possible portrait we can.  One backdrop, one outfit, 2-3 poses and 2-3 lighting configurations.  This will be as painless as possible and should only take 15-20 minutes at the most.  

Total cost:  $75


Maternity shoots can be very simple or very elaborate.  Some people just want one or two belly shots, others want an entire series of portraits ranging from belly shots to family portraits to fine art nudes.  The best thing to do is contact us to discuss what kind of shoot you're looking for. 

What's included:​

Sessions start at 45-60 minutes.  Additional time may be purchased in 1 hour increments.

Studio and outdoor locations available


​Prices start at $185


With engagement sessions we like to find out exactly what you're looking for in the shoot before booking.  We can do a few head shots in the studio, or as is more popular, shoot outside for a bit.  A nice beach/wooded area is popular and outdoor sessions can go from 60 minutes up.  A 60 minute session will yield a nice array of poses and looks, from a beach to the woods; water to a field.  There are roughly a dozen poses that we really like to use and beyond that anything is game, its up to you.

What's included:

Session starts at 45-60 minutes.  Additional time may be purchased in 1 hour increments.

Prices start at $185


If you're looking for a glamour session so you can feel like a movie star, look no further.  We specialize in lighting and making you look your best under the correct lighting.  Old Hollywood lighting of a bygone era when movies stars were STARS and not just celebrities, we can do that.  Runway model?  We can do that.  Avant garde art shoot?  We can do that!


What's included:


Session starts at 45-60 minutes.  Additional time may be purchased in 1 hour increments.

Studio and location shoots are available

Prices start at $195


Who doesn't love picking up VOGUE, Harper's Bazaar, etc., and picturing themselve's as those beautiful, exotic models!?  We can help realize that dream for you.  Fashion photography is one of our passions and the crazier the better!  Whether you need amazing and different shots for your portfolio or just want to have an amazing time, you won't find anyone who takes fashion photography to next level like we do!


What's included:


Session starts at 60 minutes without hair & makeup.  Hair, makeup and wardrobe is NOT included but can be for an additional fee. Additional time may be purchased in 1 hour increments.


Prices start at $250


Custom Sessions

We also offer wedding, boudoir, artistic nudes and custom sessions.  As they're all considerably different in terms of session length, locations, wardrobe, etc., prices vary greatly and its hard to have a "set" price.  Please contact us if you're interested in a more customized session as they're all tailored to the individual and their vision.

For more information contact us at:

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